Snack Attack – Second Rounder in the 2013 Austin Film Festival Teleplay Competition
Drowning in debt, hot mess Emerald Lewis must keep her job as a personal chef but her filthy rich clients are making it hell.  (Snack Attack has now become the web series, Dough Puncher.)

An ex-husband, wife, his boyfriend and her girlfriend run a failing, organic co-op grocery store together.

Web Series

Checked Out
A space hotel heads toward bankruptcy due to an inept, former beauty queen manager and a bungling crew.

A narcoleptic struggles to navigate the absurdity of her daily existence.

Feature Films

The Wee Hours
A menopausal mother in suburban Connecticut changes her life by becoming a writer for soft core porn.

A mentally unstable woman is convinced by her elderly caretakers to assassinate a family enemy.

After a vicious falling out with her extended family, a therapist discovers she can alter the past and seeks revenge.

Produced Work

Greyhounds screened at the San Francisco International Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Narrative Short Film.  Additional screenings at the Space 4 Shorts Film Festival, Love is a Battlefield fest at Creative Alliance and the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Watch Greyhounds online.
Visit the Greyhounds website.

A divorced couple forced to run their ski lodge together desperately tries to retain the only guest they’ve had in a long, long time.
Comedy. One Act.  Part of “Fire Plays” at The Phoenix Theater, San Francisco.