When I first landed in LA I worked in casting.  I’d always known I could hold my pee for a long time, but these jobs honed this skill to an almost magical level.  I almost wet my pants for Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, a pilot called The Gilded Lilys, Ben and Kate, New Girl and Newsreaders – the spin-off of Childrens Hospital.  In the end I opted for a life with time for writing and making stuff.

I write character driven comedies.  Every once in a while there’s an exception, but even then I do my best to include funny moments.  In January 2014 I’m launching a Kickstarter campaign to make a web series.  Please see the Dough Puncher page to get the full scoop.

Contact me, Kelilyn McKeever, here:
mohrfilms (at) gmail (dot) com