Dough Puncher

the upcoming web series

As a full length pilot the script was a second rounder in the 2013 Austin Film Festival teleplay competition.  We’re launching a Kickstarter campaign in January 2014 to bring the Dough Puncher universe to life – an entire first season with six episodes each lasting five minutes.  If 1000 people give us $20 we will more than reach our goal!  Help fund a show that champions good laughs, mouth-watering chow and adorable hamsters.  In addition to a warm, fuzzy feeling you can get some awesome rewards like the chance to see an 8×10 glossy photo of yourself framed and on display as a distant relative of the Dubois family or a mysterious, former employee of Dough Puncher.  Details about the show are below.


AUDITIONS Sunday, 1/12 in Los Angeles for awesome lead roles of Emerald Lewis and Leanne Reed!
Please read the character descriptions below and submit.

Or, actors can send headshot, resume and links to any reels/sites etc to klcasts (at) gmail (dot) com

Pay = copy/credit/meals
Non-SAG actors welcome
Shoot dates are March 31 – April 6 in Los Angeles.


Dough Puncher is a down and out personal chef service, struggling to hang on to its few remaining clients and desperate to add more.  Drowning in debt, hot mess Emerald Lewis must keep her job as a personal chef.  But, her filthy rich clients are making it hell.

Set in Los Angeles, Dough Puncher follows the escapades of personal chef Emerald Lewis as she navigates conniving clients, challenging co-workers, ludicrous lovers and her own tendency to make crappy choices.  Through it all she adores her hamster, Gonzo, and continues to train him for the ultra-goofy, upcoming “Hamtona500” – yes, that means hamsters race plastic cars for prize money.

A running theme of the show will be the incredibly awkward situations that arise when working in someone’s home.  Though a personal chef only visits clients’ homes once a week, there are still remnants of the upstairs/downstairs dynamic of domestic work.  Emerald’s prowess in the kitchen consistently butts up against the demands of her ill informed yet high paying clients.


Emerald Lewis (Lead) (mid to late 30’s) is a damn fine chef; the rest of her life is in the weeds.  A string of bad choices has left her deep in debt.  She can’t afford to lose her job but compromise isn’t her forte – especially not in the kitchen.  She insists on being true to the dish, even when that decision gets her into trouble.  Emerald always has a Plan B and her latest involves training her beloved hamster Gonzo to win the prize money at the upcoming “Hamtona500.”  Actress must be a competent cook.  Actress must be comfortable holding/petting a hamster and must be able to drive a car.

Matteo Sanchez (Recurring) (early 40’s, Spanish) is the not so proud owner of the dysfunctional personal chef service, Dough Puncher.  Still passionate about food, he’d much rather be cooking than handling anything business related and boy does it show.  Emerald is a better chef than he is and he knows it.  He and Emerald had a secret, rum punch fueled make-out session at last year’s Christmas party; they both keep thinking about it too much.

Leanne Reed (Lead) (late 40’s – 50) is Emerald’s favorite co-worker.  Leanne should have quit Dough Puncher long ago.  Having given up entirely on ever being a chef of significance she now watches Semi-Homemade and takes notes on how to cut corners with Lipton soup mix.  Weed gets her through the day and she’s always willing to share some with her buddy Emerald.

Bethany Garducci (Recurring) (late 20’s) is Matteo’s new squeeze.  She’s determined to use the A’s she earned in online business management classes to get both her boyfriend and Dough Puncher out of this rut.  At first Bethany was simply annoyed by the disrespectful, irresponsible and always tardy Emerald; slowly she’s becoming suspicious there’s something between Emerald and Matteo.

Jimmy Jenkins (Recurring) (early 30’s) is Emerald’s ex-friend-with-benefits.  This is a guy whose full focus is a good time.  The party should have ended by now, but he’s oblivious.  He seizes every opportunity to rock out and it’s double the fun if he can get Emerald involved.

The drastically dysfunctional Dubois family is Emerald’s new client.

Dino Dubois (Recurring) (early 50’s) is a man who wears his Frenchness like it’s an award for sexual prowess.  He’s very used to getting what he wants and ignoring his family.  When Emerald catches him cheating on his wife he makes an offer that’s disturbingly tempting for a chef who’s flat broke.

Celia Dubois (Recurring) (late 30’s) is desperately in need of a friend – but she’ll settle for someone to talk to.  Emerald fills this role for her.  Celia ping-pongs; one moment she’ll awkwardly over-share and the next she’ll try to enforce a traditional upstairs/downstairs dynamic.

Teddy Dubois (Recurring) (10) is a crushingly lonely ten year old who has been exposed to far too much selfish human behavior.  Emerald instantly relates to him and the bond they form makes it all worthwhile – well, almost.

Final Episode Only – will shoot on March 31st or April 1st:
Mrs. Gallagher (Supporting)(mid to late 40’s) is a totally frustrated wealthy woman whose obnoxious teenage boys treat her like crap.  She pretends that paying strict attention to their nutritional needs will make their relationship OK.
Gallagher Son #1 (Non-speaking, Featured) (teenager) actor must be comfortable wrestling with Gallagher Son #2 in a car.   
Gallagher Son #2 (Non-speaking, Featured) (teenager) non-speaking, actor must be comfortable wrestling with Gallagher Son #1 in a car.